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What it means to have solid books

As a small business owner, do you often find yourself scrambling to put together your books for your accountant in February/March? By "books" I mean a hastily downloaded set of bank statements which your accountant will then transform into "books" (and charge you dearly for) so they can complete your tax return.

Maybe you're proactive and you hired a bookkeeper take care of this little problem for you. Well, I have some bad news. Your books are still most likely inaccurate in one way or another.

98% of bookkeepers get away with a very simplistic method of bookkeeping - categorizing your income and expenses on your Profit and Loss statement while totally ignoring the most important part - the Balance Sheet.

This leads to your accountant scratching their head during tax time, dissecting your books, asking your bookkeeper (or you) for documents such as loan statements, bank statements and more while they are charging you for the pleasure of doing so. Sound familiar?

When you don't have solid, accurate books all year, you are not only putting off a tax time headache - are also missing out on having any real insight into how your business is doing throughout the year.

How much money do you have in your business account right now?

How many months could you sustain your current operations with your cash on hand?

How much money do you expect to earn over the next quarter?

Who is your most profitable customer?

If you can't answer these questions, you are MISSING OUT.

With Mizzen Bookkeeping:

  • You will have a licensed CPA (and QuickBooks ProAdvisor) handling your books year-round.

  • Your books will be kept up to date on a monthly basis.

  • You will receive monthly/quarterly performance reports allowing you make informed decisions about your business.

  • Your books will agree to your tax return. Won't it be nice knowing your projected taxable income BEFORE a tax deadline is staring you in the face?

Enjoy peace of mind when you partner with Mizzen.

Schedule a FREE Tax & Books Analysis here.

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